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Membership in the DVM

Members can be legal entities and individual persons (corporate and personal members). The DVM creates opportunities for exchange of experience as well as cooperation with colleagues and collective development of problem solutions. Especially the cooperation of science, industry and administration is of great importance.


Corporate members are given the opportunity to present, discuss and solve their testing problems involving the characterization of materials, quality control of products and the determination of safety-related parameters in the respective working groups. Especially the possibility of standardization of testing and evaluation methods should be mentioned in this context.

Further education

Most DVM events are very practically orientated. The lecturers are renowned representatives from industrial companies and research institutions. The choice of topics usually guarantees a specific orientation and thus an ever changing circle of speakers and audience. For the participation in DVM events, we issue certificates (Proof of further education, e.g. following ISO 9001).

Encouragement of junior scientists

Highly qualified university graduates are given the chance to present their research results to a forum mainly consisting of industry representatives, e.g. by presenting posters. They can get first-hand information about employment opportunities by simply contacting the speakers during DVM events.

Contact forum

Manufacturers and suppliers, industry and research find inspiration for up-to-date problem solutions in presentations, discussion and the opportunity for informal exchange.


The discussion of materials science and testing, which is usually strongly focussed on components, allows an orientation regarding one's own abilities and those of others.


DVM activities are strongly influenced by vehicle construction and mechanical engineering. However, the involvement of other sectors leads to a mutual exchange, a better overview and thus to expanded knowledge. Members can get advice on their materials testing problems.

Professional inquiries

Professional inquiries can be addressed to the DVM office, including the following data:

  • Name
  • Adress
  • E-Mail
  • Phone/Fax

Numerous experts on specific questions of materials research and testing are among the members of the DVM working groups. We will try our best to make a constructive contact.


All members receive announcements for conferences and other events organized by the DVM working groups, the "DVM-Nachrichten" as well as other information.


Institutes which are listed as corporate members are given the chance to present themselves in the DVM-Nachrichten.


Industrial companies can present themselves during the exhibitons that accompany all our conferences. 


Problem solutions by manufacturers, providers and researchers are presented to the respective audience in the form of lectures, written contributions and / or poster shows


Personal members benefit from a 25% deduction off their yearly fee if they are also a member of on of the following associations: AWT, DGM, DGZfP, DVS, Stahlinstitut VDEh, VDI, EIS (GB), ÖVM (A), SVMT (CH).

If our objectives prove suitable to you, we would be glad to welcome you as a new member. You can find the membership form here and send it to our office as original or fax (Fax number: 0049 30 8119359).